Get Usenet!

What is Usenet?

Usenet is massive message board system that has been around for years. In fact, most of your internet providers probably provide some type of access to Usenet. The reason why we are interested in Usenet is because this message board system allows its users to upload attachments with each of their posts. These attachments may be music, shows, movies, video games, books, and whatever else you can think of. Technically several attachment need to be joined to create a whole file. This is due the size of the joined file, and the size limit on each attachment.

How do you get access to Usenet?

As I mentioned, more than likely your ISP provides access to Usenet. However they probably block access to boards with content that you want. Boards that include movies, shows, video games, books, etc. The best method of accessing Usenet is through a 3rd party provider. For a monthly fee, these providers will allow you access to their data centers and provided unfiltered access to Usenet.

Why Pay?

Trust me, it is worth it. The 3rd party Usenet providers have data centers that are capable of massive upload speeds. This equates to ridiculously fast downloads speed for you. Using one of these providers you will easily max out your 20-50 Mbit connections, equaling to 2 to 6 megabytes per second. Unlike Bittorrent, 3rd party Usenet providers use SSL connections, thereby encrypting the data that is transfer to you. There is no need to seed or be part of a swarm when using Usenet. As a result you are not required to upload therefore you are never “sharing” media to others and this helps increase your privacy.

Next we will discuss the criteria for picking a usenet service provider.