Add New Show

SickBeard Add New Show Guide

1. Navigate to your SickBeard web page. On the top right hand corner locate and mouse over “Home”, when the menu drops down click on “Add Shows”.

2. After clicking on “Add Shows”, you will be prompted with two options: 1. “Add New Show” or 2. “Add Existing Shows”

3. This guide is for adding New Tv Shows, so lets proceed by clicking on “Add New Show”. Step 1 requires that you enter the name of the Tv Show you want to add.

4. Fill in the name and click “Search”, SickBeard will locate all shows that include you search term. From the search results, select the correct show and click “Next”.

5. In Step 2, you need to pick your parent folder. In my case I will be using “C:\Tv Shows”. Click “New” and find the folder you would like to use.

6. SickBeard creates a folder inside of your parent folder for each Tv Show you add. You don’t need to create a new folder for each show. As a result, I’ve set my “C:\Tv Shows” folder as my default folder by clicking “Set as Default”. Notice the * next to my folder.

NOTE: SickBeard automatically defaults the first folder as your “Default Folder”.

7. When you are done, click next and you will be brought to the last Step of “Add Shows”. Here you have three options to customize:

  • “Set the initial status of missing episodes” – Skipped, Wanted, Archived or Ignored; all options will hold off downloading missing episodes except for “Wanted”, which will immediately search your index provider for NZBs with missing episodes. Archived, will set SickBeard to hunt for shows of specific quality. More on this when we get to quality type.
  • “Season Folders” – Store episodes in season folders? I would check mark this box.
  • “Preferred quality of episodes to be downloaded” – Any, SD, HD and Custom. The first three are pretty self explanatory. Any quality < Standard Quality < HD Quality < Custom. Now custom comes into play if you are looking to immediately download a Tv Show and then later upgrade your file when it is release on Blu Ray. In this case, I’ve requested that SickBeard immediately download shows in 720P but upgrade to 1080P if possible.

8. Now once you have setup your Options, don’t forget to click “Set as Default”! From here on out, adding a show can be as simple as Step 1! SickBeard will continue to use the default folder and default custom options you’ve set up. SickBeard will confirmed that your settings are saved.

9. When you are done click on “Add Show”. SickBeard will begin adding the show to its library. Give it some time, and then hit F5 to refresh the page. The name of your show will be in your “Show List”. SickBeard will indicate the network the show airs on, the next air date, how many episodes have aired and how many you have in your library. It will also indicate it the show is active (ongoing), or ended.

You’ve successfully added a new Tv Show to Sickbeard! From here on out SickBeard will track, search and automatically download Tv Shows on this list. To learn how to add an existing Tv Show (shows you currently have in your library), please proceed to’s SickBeard Adding Existing Show Guide.