Sabnzbd Install

Sabnzbd Install Guide


1. Visit Sabnzbd’s Sourceforge Page to download the latest stable version of Sabnzbd. The latest version is Sabnzbd 0.6.14. I suggest downloading the executable install.


2. Find the Sabnzbd executable install, and run the installation program.

3. Select your language for the install and click “I Agree” to agree to the License Agreement.

4. When selecting components to install, there are a two scenarios to consider:

  • If you only wish to use Sabnzbd on demand, then select “SABnzbd” and “Desktop Icon”.
  • If you wish to run Sabnzbd as a servicing, then select “SABnzbd”.

NOTE: Running Sabnzbd as a service mean your computer will run Sabnzbd permanently in the background. You will not have to login and run Sabnzbd manually. This function supersedes the “Run at Startup” function, as you must login for the computer to launch Sabnzbd. Please refer to’s Sabnzbd Service Installation Guide.

5. Once you have selected your choices, click next. You will be prompted with a Install Location. Please use the default and click next.

6. For the Start Menu Folder, please use the default and click next.

7. Once the install is complete, the final window will prompt you with two check boxes: “Start SABnzbd (hidden)” and “Show Release Notes”. Click Finished.

Sabnzbd is now installed!! Please continue to’s Sabnzbd Configuration Guide to set up your Sabnzbd program.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!