Sabnzbd Categories Configuration

Sabnzbd Categories Configuration


Sabnzbd comes hard coded with the ability to sort nzb downloads into specific folders. However, it requires that your search provider pass nzb group/indexer tag information to Sabnzbd. When configured Sabnzbd will recognize certain group/indexer tag and send nzb downloads to specific folders after download/unzip/repair.

1. Before we get started, we need to grab the group/indexer tag information from our search provider. In this case I have NZBMatrix’s group/indexer tag information provided here. If you have any other search provider, you may need to contact them for a list.

NOTE: Not all search providers support this feature.


apps.linux, apps.mac, apps.other, apps.pc,, apps.portable

documentaries.hd, documentaries.std

games.dreamcast, games.ds, games.gamecube, games.other, games.pc, games.ps1, games.ps2, games.ps3, games.psp, games.wii, games.wii vc,, games.xbox360, games.xbox360 (other)

movies.brrip, movies.divx/xvid, movies.dvd, movies.hd (image), movies.hd (x264), movies.other, movies.svcd/vcd, movies.wmv-hd

music.dvd, music.lossless, music.mp3, albums, music.mp3, singles, music.other,

Other:, books, other.e-books, other.emulation, other.extra, pars/fills, other.images,, phone, other.other, other.ppc/pda,

tv.divx/xvid, tv.dvd, tv.hd, tv.other, sport/ent

2. Navigate to your Sabnzbd, click on “Config”, then click on “Categories”. You should find several input boxes that you can customize.

Here is a quick breakdown from left to right:

  • Category – What you want to call this category.
  • Priority – The priority of the download of your nzb. Higher priority categories will rank higher in the download queue when compared to downloads of lower priority categories.
  • Processing – Default, Download, Download+Repair, Download+Unzip, Download+Delete.
  • Folder/Path – Where you want items of this category to be saved on your hard drive.
  • Groups/Indexer Tags – These are the group/indexer tags that are passed from your search provider to Sabnzbd. This will assign specific group/indexer tags to your defined category.

3. Here is an example of how I have categories my groups/indexer tags. I kept it simple and use the first half of the groups/indexer tag to define my category. You will all notice that each category gets a different folder. This feature is very useful!!! You have the ability to sort your downloads any way you wish!

4. Now when I download a nzb, it is automatically categorized and will be moved to its predefined folder.

All done!! You’ve setup categories for your Sabnzbd! Everything will all be organized!

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!