Python Install Guide

Python Install Guide


This Python Install Guide, will walk you through the installation of Python. You may need install Python for HTPC software such as Maraschino.

1. First download the Python 2.7. Locate your download and double click. If you plan on using HTPC software, such as Maraschino, as a service, I would select “Install for all users”. When ready click “Next”.

2. Next customize your Python install directory. The default install directory works fine, click “Next”. 

3. Here you will be able to customize your Python install. The default install is configuration is fine, click “Next”. The Windows User Account Control will pop up asking you to confirm the install, click “Yes”.

4. Python is now installed! Click “Finished”

If you installed Python, chances are you’ll need the Python Setup Tools Install. Please continue to Phyton Setup Tool Install Guide.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!