nzbdStatus Install and Configure Guide

nzbdStatus Install and Config


1. To install nzbdStatus navigate to the Mozilla Add Ons download page and click “Add to Firefox”. A box will pop up asking you to confirm the install, click “Install Now”.

2. A box will pop up indicating that Firefox must restart, click “Restart Now”.

3. Once Firefox has restarted, click on the top left hand corner “Firefox”, and click on “Add Ons”. This will launch a window called “Add-Ons Manager”. You can also launch this window by simultaneously hitting CTRL-Shift-A.

4. Once you have opened the “Add-Ons Manager”, click on the Extensions link. You should see one extension name “nzbdStatus”. nzbdStatus is now installed.

5. Now we need to configure it to work with Sabnzbd. Click on the “Options” button associated with “nzbdStatus”. The nzbdStatus option window should pop up. You can leave everything on this windowas it is.

6. Click on the “Sabnzbd” icon. To allow nzbdStatus to access and pass nzb files to Sabnzbd you need to fill in the API key and IP of your Sabnzbd instance.

NOTE: You must have the Sabnzbd’s API key. If you need help locating the Sabnzbd API keys, please refer to’s Sabnzbd API Keys Guide.

7. Next we can setup the category linking for nzbdStatus, click on “Categories”. On the left hand column you will find the categories from your nzb index provider. On the right hand column you will find the categories of your Sabnzbd instance. By changing the right column categories you change how nzbdStatus re-categorizes each download as it passes the nzbd file to Sabnzbd. You have the ability to group multiple index provider categories into one Sabnzbd category.

NOTE: To use this feature you need to have Sabnzbd Categories setup. I highly recommend using Categories as it helps you sort the different types of files into different folders. Please refer to’s Adding Download Categories Guide to learn how to setup Sabnzbd Categories.

You have now configured nzbdStatus!

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!