htpc build


Adds controls and a monitor for a Usenet download daemon to the status bar and makes sending NZB files to the daemon easier

This extension does multiple things to make using SABnzbd much easier:

  • Sending downloaded nzb files to SABnzbd
  • Sending RSS feeds to SABnzbd
  • Right clicking a nzb link will allow it to be sent to SABnzbd
  • Adds a widget to the status bar that will pause/resume/open SABnzbd
  • Hovering the mouse of the widget shows size, time and speed details on the current download in SABnzbd

It also has several website specific features to integrate SABnzbd into the sites, and (SABnzbd v0.5+ only)

  • Adds a button next to each report in a search to send it to SABnzbd
  • Adds a button at the top of search results to send all checked reports to SABnzbd (Except on
  • Right clicking on a link to a nzb at these sites will allow it to be sent to SABnzbd

Currently, SABnzbd+ is the only supported daemon.

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