NzbDrone Configuration Guide

NzbDrone Configuration Guide


Now that you have NzbDrone installed the next step is configure NzbDrone for communication with Sabnzbd.

1. Launch your NzbDrone, your browser should launch and bring you the main page of NzbDrone.

2. Next click on “Settings”, and then click on “Download Client”. Here we will need to enter the download directory of your TV Shows, the IP address of our Sabnzbd instances, the API to your Sabnzbd, the username and password (if you are using one), and finally your Sabnzbd category for TV shows.

3. Once you are done, click “Save”. NzbDone will confirm “Settings Saved”.

4. Next click on “Indexers”, here we can link NzbDrone to the nzb index provider you use and provide the retention time of your usenet provider. Notice the row of indexers that are available. You need to have one of these index providers for NzbDrone to work. By clicking on the indexer name, you enable it; click it again and you disable it. I’m going to illustrate as that is discussed in all the guides here. Simply provide the username and api of your NzbMatrix account. Lastly, enter the “Retention” days of your usenet provider.

5. Click “Save” and NzbDrone will confirm “Settings Saved”.

6. Next click on “System”, here we can change the whether NzbDrone launches a browser at startup, and change the Port to NzbDrone. Again I like to keep my things sequential so it is easy to remember. Feel free to change the port to whatever work for you. Admittedly. I am unsure of what “Authentication” does, hopefully a developer from NzbDrone can clarify the difference between “Anonymous” and “Windows”. Lastly, I like to uncheck “Launch Browser”, I don’t need NzbDrone to pop up every time it is launched.

7. Next click “Save”, NzbDrone will confirm “Settings Saved”.

8. You may notice that NzbDrone indicates that changing settings under “System” will require a manual reboot. To do this, simply close the command prompt that launches with NzbDrone when you execute NzbDrone.exe.

9. To relaunch NzbDrone, right click on “NzbDrone”, and click on “Run as Administrator”.

Your done! NzbDrone is now configure to run with Sabnzbd. Next you might want to consider installing NzbDrone as a windows service, please refer to NzbDrone Service Install Guide.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!