Bootable USB Drive

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Creating a Bootable USB Drive Guide

Before we can get started, make sure you have the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. If you don’t please refer to’s HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Install Guide.

1. You’ll need to grab a copy of the Dos System Files; you can get a copy from here. The file is zipped, so you will need to unzip the contents and remember when you save it.

2. Next plug in your USB drive, then launch the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. You may need to right click and “Run as Administrator”. This should launch the tool.

3. Next we need to switch the file system to FAT32. Switching the filesystem will reveal the “Create a DOS startup disk”.

4. Now that “Create a DOS startup disk” is uncovered, check mark the box. The tool should automatically select “using DOS system files located at:”. If not, make sure you select this option. Click “…” and point the tool toward the DOS system files you unzipped earlier in this guide. Also make sure you have check marked “Quick Format”.

5. Do a final check and make sure you have selected the correct “Device” aka the USB drive you are trying to make bootable. Once you are ready click “Start”. The HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool will ask you to confirm the format. Click “Yes”.

6. Once you click “Yes”, the tool will begin formatting and copying the DOS system files. Just sit back and wait patiently.

7. Once the format is complete, a window will pop up confirm the program has done its job. Click “OK” to close the window and then click “Close” on the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool”

That is it! You have now created a bootable USB drive!

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!