CouchPotato Userscript Install Guide (Firefox)

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CouchPotato Userscript Install Guide for Firefox


Before Installing the CouchPotato userscript, please make sure you have CouchPotato installed and configured correctly. If not, please visit’s CouchPotato Install Guide and CouchPotato Configuration Guide.

1. Navigate to your CouchPotato page, and click on the cog/gear.

2. Next click on “Userscript”. Here you will find a button name “Install Userscript”. Before clicking on “Install Userscript” we must make sure that your Firefox has the Greasemonkey Addon.

3. Click here to get to the Greasemonkey Addon page, then click on “Add to FireFox”. A pop up will appear, and you must wait a few seconds before clicking “Install Now”. Now Greasemonkey is installed.

NOTE: You may need to restart your Firefox browser.

4.  Now return to the Userscript page in CouchPotato. Now click on, “Install UserScript”. A Greasemonkey pop up will appear asking confirm that you wish to install the script. Click on “Install”.

NOTE: Before clicking install, note the list of webpages in the text box. This list the sites compatible with this userscript. Visiting any of the compatible results in a small box that allows you to add the movie currently viewed directly to CouchPotato’s wanted list.

5. Now visit a site on the list of comptitible web pages, on the bottom right hand corner you will see a small icon “Add to CouchPotato”.

6. By clicking on “Add to Couchpotato” and selecting a quality level, you will have added the movie to CouchPotato’s watch list!

That is it! Userscript is now installed on Firefox!