XBMC Remote App Guide (Android)

XBMC Remote Guide (Android)

This guide assumes that you have setup your XBMC for remote control access. If you have not, please refer to HTPCBuild.com’s Remote Control XBMC.

In this guide we will show you how to install and configure the Official XBMC Remote on an andriod smartphone or table.

1. Start by launching the Google Play store.

xbmc remote android guide 1

2. Click the search button in the top right hand corner. Search for the term “XBMC Remote” and hit enter.

xbmc remote android guide 2

3. You’ll see a list of matches. Select the “Offical XBMC Remote”, it is usually the first result.

4. On the “Offical XBMC Remote” page, install the “Official XBMC Remote” app.

5. The app should prompt you to “Accept” permissions before downloading. When you are ready click “Accept & download”.

6. The “Official XBMC REmote” app should begin downloading.

7. Once the “Official XBMC Remote” app is done downloading it will begin installing.

8. Once the app has finished installing, you should be able to “Uninstall” or “Open”. Click the “Open” button.

9. For the first launch, the “Official XBMC Remote” will indicate that it cannot detect any hosts. This is normal. You haven’t configured the remote with any hosts yet. Go ahead and click the “Settings” button. This will bring you to the “XBMC Host” configuration area.

10. Again, being that it is the first launch when you access the “XBMC Host” configuration area the app will prompt you that you have no hosts defined. Go ahead and click “Close”.

11. After you close the window, you’ll be left with a blank screen. Hit the menu button on the phone to bring up the menu.   Select “Add Host”.

12. We start by filling in the field “Name of this instance”. Essentially this is just a label for the host configuration on the phone.

13. Next you need to enter the IP address of your XBMC computer.

14. Now you want to enter the HTTP port of your XBMC computer.

15. If you wish to enable Wake Up On Lan (WOL), you’ll need to enter the MAC address of your XBMC computer.

NOTE: Enabling WOL on the phone will let you wake your computer from sleep/standby/off. BUT you need to also enable your computer to support WOL. You may also need to have your router accept WOL packets, as some routers filter them for security purposes.

16. If enabling WOL, you may also need to adjust the WOL port. However, the default WOL port is 9.

17. When you are done, click “OK” at the bottom of the screen. You should find yourself back in the “XBMC Host” configuration area. However now you should see the host you just added.

18. If you hit back and move to the main screen, you should now be connected to your XBMC computer. You should be able to see the folders you have added. As you can see here my XBMC computer has two folders, “Tv Shows” & “Movies”.

19. To get back to those host section, hit the menu button and a menu will pop up. Start by click in “Settings”.

20. Now that you are in the “Settings” menu and then click on “Manage XBMC Hosts”. This will bring you back to “XBMC Hosts” configuration area.

That’s it! You’ve have the “Official XBMC Remote” app installed on your Android phone or tablet. You can control your XBMC computer remotely!