Basic SickBeard Configuration

SickBeard Basic Configuration:


1. This configuration guide comes after’s SickBeard Install Guide for Windows.

2. If you do not have SickBeard running navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\SickBeard”, right click on “SickBeard.exe”, and click on “Run As Administrator”. This will launch SickBeard and open a browser window to the SickBeard page. If SickBeard is already running, in your browser, navigate to http://localhost:8081/home.

3. Next mouse over “Config” and click on “General”.

  • Under “MISC” uncheck the “Launch Browser” checkbox.
  • Under “Web Interface”, keep HTTP Port as “8081”. You can also define a username and password if needed.
  • Under “API”, check mark the “API” checkbox. This will reveal a API code line, click “Generate” to generate a API token.

4. After you’ve finished, click the “Save Changes” button. SickBeard will confirm that the “Configuration Saved”.

5. Next mouse over “Config” and click on “Search Settings”.

  • Under “Episode Search” change “Search Frequency” to 10.
  • Under “Episode Search” change “Usenet Retention” to the retention time of your usenet provider.
  • Under “NZB Search” change “NZB Method” to “Sabnzbd”. Next fill in all of your Sabnzbd information. Click “Test Sabnzbd” to test your Sabnzbd connection. If you have filled the information correctly Sickbeard will announce “Success. Connected and authenticated”. If you need help locating your Sabnzbd API Key, please refer to the Sabnzbd API Guide. Notice that you can define a Sabnzbd category, which is currently set at to “tv”. To setup Sabnzbd categories, please visit’s Adding download Categories Guide.

NOTE: If your SickBeard install is on the same computer as your Sabnzbd install, you can use http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd/. If your SickBeard install is on another computer than your Sazbnzbd install, you need to use http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080/. You may need to adjust the port if you changed to the non default Sabnzbd install.

6. After you’ve finished, click the “Save Changes” button. SickBeard will confirm that the “Configuration Saved”.

7. Next mouse over “Config” and click on “Search Settings”.

  • Under “Provider Priorities” check mark the check box of the search provider that you currently use. In this case, I will illustrate NZBmatrix. You can also check mark the “SickBeard” check box. (Sickbeard is free).
  • Under “Configure Built In Providers”, select your search provider. In this case, I will illustrated NZBMatrix. Fill in the username and API key of your NZBMatrix account.

NOTE: SickBeard is hard-coded for several search providers. Simply fill in the required information for the hard coded provider. You can also use the “Configure Customer Newnzb Provider” to configure SickBeard for a search provider that is not hard coded.

8. After you’ve finished, click the “Save Changes” button. SickBeard will confirm that the “Configuration Saved”.

9. Next mouse over the screwdriver and wrench to the left of “Home” and click on “Restart”. Sickbeard will request that you confirm the restart, click “Ok”. SickBeard will restart and begin using your saved configuration.

SickBeard is now installed!! Please refer to’s Advance SickBeard Configuration Guide to learn how to setup XBMC notifications, add Tv Shows, and execute backlog downloads.

Please also visit’s SickBeard Windows Service Install Guide to install SickBeard as a service for Windows. By installing Sabnzbd as a service SickBeard will run in the background of your computer. You will not need to login to have SickBeard run.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!