Sabnzbd Sorting Configuration

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Sabnzbd Sorting Configuration


Szbnzbd is a wonderful program because it also comes hard coded with sorting! Sorting allows Sabnzbd to organize your movies, tv shows, and more! It is very different from the “Categories” function. Remember that “Categories” is a way for Sabnzbd to place specific downloads in specific folders. Sorting is a way of organizing the files in each of these folders. For the most part I use Sabnzbd’s “Sorting” feature to sort my tv shows into Seasons.

NOTE: Sorting works better with specific categories. To enable “Categories” please visit’s Adding download Categories guide.

1. Navigate to your Sabnzbd, click on “Config” and then click “Sorting”. Here you can enable three types of sorting:

  • Series Sorting – Great for Tv Shows; Season 1, Season 2 etc.
  • Generic Sorting – Great for Movies; done by name
  • Date Sorting – Sorting by date of download
NOTE: You can select categories to apply your sorting strings on the far left.

2. There are tons of different ways to sort your information. However Sabnzbd is kind enough to provide some presents. By clicking on the presents, Sabnzbd will provide an example of how a file may be sorted; see “Example” under “Presets”.

I like to use the S01E05 Season Folder, as that is what I am use to. I also like using folder name for my movies just in case I have fan art, or subtitles that need to go with the movie.

NOTE: You can click on “Pattern Key”, and Sabnzbd will display the meaning of each variable. This will enable you to create your own sorting strings!

This is how you enable the “Sorting” feature in Sabnzbd.

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