Sabnzbd RSS Feeds Configuration

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Sabnzbd RSS Feeds Configuration

Sabnzbd come hard coded with the ability to scan RSS Feeds. This is useful when your search provider aka nzb index, has customizable RSS feed available.  The reason for using an RSS feeds is to scan for something specific such as a game, movie, book etc. In my option I’d rather use CouchPotato for movies and SickBeard for Tv shows. However, RSS feed can be still useful in some instances. Sabnzbd will constantly scan the RSS feed you provide, based on a search criteria you customize, Sabnzbd will execute a set function.

1. Visit your search provider and create a custom RSS Feed. In this instance I will be using NZBMatrix.

2. Use the page to customize an RSS Feed. In this particular case, I am going to create a feed for XXXXXXXXXXX in 720P. For NZBMatrix, I must provide my username and API key. Other search providers may require a username and password, or username and hash key. When finished customizing my search criteria, click “Generate RSS XML Feed”.

3. Your search provider will issue a customer RSS link. They usually start with the prefex: “http://rss. or https://rss.”, depending on whether or not you are generating a SSL link. Navigate to your Sabnzbd, http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd/ or http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080/sabnzbd/ and click on RSS. 

4. Fill your Sabnzbd’s RSS page with your search providers RSS link then click “Add Feed”.

5. Next click on the “Filters” link to begin adding search filters to your feed.

By using the filter you can clean your RSS feed of erroneous nzb listings. You can set the sorting category of your files, by using the category column. You can set your download modes by using the Mode column.

Here is a quick definition of your filter types:

  • Accept – Any title with this phrase will pass the filter and will enter the “Matched” list.
  • Require – Any title without this phrase will not pass and will enter the “Not Matched” list.
  • Reject – Any title with this phrase will not pass and will enter the “Not Matched” list.
  • RequiresCat – Any title that is not in this category will not pass and will enter the “Not Matched” list.

6. As you can see from my filter I sorted for all titles that must include “720”, rejected anything  with the word “french”, accepted anything that had “XXXXX.XX.XXXXXXX” and executed a download of anything that entered my “Matched” list. Please note the asterisk was used to signify wildcard in the search.

NOTE: The search order is very important! You may have all the correct filters but in the correct order, thereby yielding unwanted downloads.

7. Click “Download” to see the files that have been grabbed via the RSS feed and sent to Sabnzbd for download

That is it! You’ve configured an RSS Feed for Sabnzbd. Remember, you don’t have to use RSS feeds for downloads instead you can also use them to monitor for certain nzb files. I recommend using SickBeard for Tv Shows and Couchpotato for Movies.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!