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SabConnect++ Install and Configuration Guide


1. SabConnect++ is really easy to install and configure. Simply navigate download the app from the Google Chrome App page¬†and click “Add to Chrome”. A box will pop up asking you to confirm the install, click “Yes”.

2. After clicking “Install” SabConnect++ will pop up confirming that the install is complete.

3. To configure SabConnect++, right click on the SAB Icon in the top right hand corner and click on “Options”. This will open the SabConnect++ “Connection” window.

4. Here you can name your connection profile, provide your Sabnzbd address, your Sabnzbd API key, and Sabnzbd username & password. This allows SabConnect++ to communicate with Sabnzbd. When complete click the “Test Connection” button, if all the information is correct SabConnect++ will reply with “Succeeded”.

NOTE: You need to provide SabConnect++ with your Sabnzbd API Key, not your Sabnzbd NZB Key. SabConnect++ requires full access to Sabnzbd. If you do not know where to obtain your API Keys, please visit’s API Key Guide.

5. Next click on “Providers”, essentially everything here can be left untouched. The only reason to play with any settings here would be to add support for To enable support for, simply enter your NZBxxx username and API Key. Your API Key can be found under “Your Account” on the top right hand corner of

6. Next click on “Configure”, you don’t need to really change anything on this page. The main things of interests are:

  • Use X-DNZB Category HTTP Header – Only if you are using search providers like or NewsBins.
  • Enable “Hard Coded Category” – all downloads passed from SabConnect++ will be passed to Sabnzbd as the same category.
  • Enable “Default Category” – if your nzb search provider does not pass a category for your nzb, SabConnect++ will default to a category of your choice.

NOTE: For Categories to work, you’ll need to setup up Categories in Sabnzbd. Please refer to Adding download Categories Guide. Enabling the 2rd or 3rd option for instances where your search provider does not pass categories.

7. SabConnect++ is now installed and configured! If you visit your search provider, you’ll notice a SabConnect++ icon near each nzb listing. Click this icon to have SabConnect++ download and pass the nzb straight to Sabnzbd.

All done SabConnect++ is now install and configured. Now you’ll be able to one click your search providers and pass all nzbs directly to Sabnzbd!

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!