Connecting to XBian SSH

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Connecting to XBian SSH Guide

This guide assume that you have Putty on your computer. If you do not have Putty, please refer to the Putty Page.

1. Start by writing down your Raspberry Pi’s IP address. This can be found one of two ways:

  1. Checking your router and noting the IP address of the XBian Raspberry Pi.  By default, XBian host name is “XBian”. Note the IP address your router has given to this host name.
  2. While in Raspbmc, navigate to System -> System Info. Here you can find the IP address of your XBian Raspberry Pi.
2. Next launch the Putty application, a window should pop up asking you to enter several vital pieces of information.

3. Now you need to enter the IP address of your XBian Raspberry Pi. Make sure that you have selected “SSH” under “Connection Type”. If you wish, you can save these settings for future use.

4. Double check everything and click “Open”. This will launch a terminal window and Putty will connect to your XBian Raspberry Pi.

5. Here you need to enter the login information for the XBian Raspberry Pi.

Default XBian SSH Login Info (case sensitive)

Username: root
Password: raspberry

Congrats! You’ve connecting to your XBian Raspberry Pi via Putty SSH. By using XBian SSH you can modify files on your XBian Raspberry Pi from a remote computer. One such bonus is changing the “config.txt” to enable certain parameters or to even overclock your XBian Raspberry Pi! To learn how to access the “config.txt” on your XBian Raspberry Pi please check out XBian Overclocking Guide.