Raspbmc Install

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Raspbmc Install Guide

Raspbmc install is super easy, Sam has provided a utility that automatically formats and downloads the necessary files to start your Raspberry Pi. Upon first boot, the setup program will download and install the latest Raspbmc distro.

1. Start by visiting Raspbmc’s download page to grab the easy installer.

NOTE: If you ever wish to just download Raspbmc latest image, you can do so here. You can useĀ Win32 Disk Imager to write the image to your SD.

2. Click on “Installing on Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7)”. Here you can grab the Windows installer tool. If you can find the link, it can be found here. Make sure to save the download to your hard drive.

3. Locate the zip file and extract the entire contents.

4. Run “installer.exe”, and make sure to accept the Windows UAC (User Account Control) warning. To accept the warning click “Yes”.

5. The installer was popup a warning indicating that it will format your SD card when write the Raspbmc Image. Just remember to back up the entire contents of your SD if need be. When ready click “Ok”. You should now see the home screen of the Raspbmc installer utility.

NOTE: If you haven’t already, insert your SD card into you SD reader.

6. The utility will detect all SD cards available to your computer. Make sure to select the reader that contains the SD card you wish to use.

7. Next click “Install”, the utility will begin downloading the latest version of Raspbmc.

8. Once the utility has completed downloading Raspbmc, it will extract the files to your SD card. When complete the installer will prompt you that it is finished.

All done you’ve installed Raspbmc on your SD card!! Now plug the SD card into your Raspberry Pi, and turn it the Raspberry Pi on! Give your Raspberry Pi a few minutes during its first boot. Raspbmc will need to download and configure the latest Raspbmc distro. This will take 15-20 mins.