Maraschino Install Guide

Maraschino Install Guide

**This guide has been updated to work with Maraschino V 0.2.1


Maraschino is an amazing frontpage for several different applications. By visiting the Maraschino page, you’ll be able to view your current Sabnzbd downloads, see upcoming tv episodes in SickBeard, access your XBMC library, and even control your XBMC! Not to mention Maraschino looks amazing, and will pull fan art from your XBMC.

NOTE: This guide assumes you have Python and Python Setup Tools installed. Please refer to’s Python Install Guide and Python Setup Tools Install Guide before proceeding with this guide.

1. First you’ll need to download the lastest version of Maraschino.

NOTE: Maraschino is undergoing an extremely fast development phase. The developer is updating Maraschino at a very very fast pace.

2. Create a folder in your C: directory called “HTPC-Apps”. C:\HTPC-Apps.

3. Create a folder inside your C:\HTPC-Apps Directory called “Maraschino”. C:\HTPC-Apps\Maraschino.

4. Next unzip your Maraschino download to C:\HTPC-Apps\Maraschino.

5. Now open a windows command prompt. This can be done two ways:

  • Start Menu, and type CMD into the search. Hit Enter and a command prompt will open up.
  • Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Click on Command Prompt.

6. Execute the following command:

start python.exe “C:\HTPC-Apps\Maraschino\”

The computer will now launch python in a new window, maraschino open the maraschino.db (database), and the second command prompt will fill with Maraschino’s startup sequence.

18. Now open a browser and navigate to the following http://localhost:7000. You should see the Maraschino frontpage! NOTE: You may see a prompt at the top of the page which asks you to update Maraschino. Feel free to click on the “Update Now” button to update your Maraschino.

Maraschino is now installed!!! Next up, how to configure Maraschino, please visit’s Maraschino Configuration Guide. If you wish to add a username, password, make Maraschino accessible by other computers, or change the port please visit’s Maraschino Server Settings Guide.

NOTE: Because Maraschino requires Python to run, each time you want to launch Maraschino you need to execute the “start python.exe “C:\HTPC-Apps\Maraschino\” command. My suggest would be to create a window service for Maraschino, so each time you start your computer Maraschino is running before you even log in. Please refer to the’s Maraschino Service Guide to learn how to install Maraschino as a windows service.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!