Headphones Install Guide

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Headphones Install Guide

Headphones is a Sabnzbd Add-On that automates your music downloading. You simply add the albums you want, and Headphones helps monitor your search index provider.

NOTE: This guide assumes you have Python installed. Please refer to HTPCBuild.com’s Python Install Guide  before proceeding with this guide.

1. You can start by grabbing headphones from github.

2. Next navigate to your C:\ and create a folder “Headphones”. Unzip the contents of “rembo10-headphones-d07dc39″ to your new Headphones folder.

3. Now open a windows command prompt. This can be done two ways:

  • Start Menu, and type CMD into the search. Hit Enter and a command prompt will open up.
  • Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Click on Command Prompt.

4. Execute the following command:

start python.exe “C:\Headphones\headphones.py”

The computer will now launch python in a new window and execute Headphones.py. The new command prompt will be blank.

5. Headphones is now launched. Give it your computer a minute or two, and a browser will launch for Headphones. It should automatically navigate to http://localhost:8181/home. If the browser does not load, wait a minute then refresh the page.

6. You may notice a small pop up on the bottom right hand corner indicating you may need an update. Click on “Update”. The page will reload and indicate Headphones is updating.

Give Headphones a minute or two, then go ahead and refresh the page. All done! Next up, how to configure Headphones, please visit HTPCBuild.com’s Headphones Configuration Guide.

NOTE: Because Headphones requires Python to run, each time you want to launch Headphones you need to execute the “start python.exe “C:\Headphones\headphones.py” command. My suggestion would be to create a window service for Headphones, so each time you start your computer Headphones is running before you even log in. Please refer to the HTPCBuild.com’s Headphones Service Guide to learn how to install Headphones as a windows service.

Check back often for more guides to help you with your HTPC build!