CouchPotato Install Guide (V1)

CouchPotato Install Guide

*** For Version 1 – This version does not have API support.


CouchPotato is an program that works in conjunction with Sabnzbd. You simply add the movies you want and CouchPoato will help you monitor your search provider index. Once your movie is upload to Usenet, CouchPoato will send the nzb fiile to Sabnzbd for download.

1. First step is to grab the CouchPotato zip from the CouchPotato website. The latest version is r34.

2. Navigate to your C:\Program Files (x86) and create a folder name “CouchPotato”. Unzip the contents of “CouchPotato” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\CouchPotato\”.

NOTE: Please note that I am using a 64 bit version of windows, as a result my Program Files directory will be slightly different from those with a 32 bit version of windows. 64 Bit = Program Files (x86) and 32 Bit = Program Files.

3. Next right click on “CouchPotato.exe” and select “Run As Administrator”. The Windows User Account Control will ask you to confirm your action. A browser should launch with CouchPotato. You should also notice the CouchPotato folder fill with more files and the program begins to launch for the first time.

CouchPotato is now installed! Please visit’s Configuration Guide to help configure CouchPotato to work with Sabnzbd.

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