Raspberry Pi License Install

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Raspberry Pi License Install Guide

You’ve got a Raspberry Pi, but it won’t playback MPEG2 and VC1 media. Bummer, the Raspberry Pi foundation felt it was not a must for most users and opted to keep cost down by not including those codec licenses.  BUT you are in luck! The Raspberry Pi License Store has MPEG2 and VC1 codec licenses for sale!!!

Before you can purchase a MPEG2 and/or VC1 codec license, you need to know your Raspberry Pi’s serial number. To do this you need to SSH into your Raspberry Pi. If you are using your Raspberry Pi as a HTPC, chances are you are running one of the following distros: XBian, OpenElec or Raspbmc. Please refer to HTPCBuild.com’s XBian SSH Guide, OpenElec SSH Guide, or Raspbmc SSH Guide to learn how to SSH into your Raspberry Pi.

1. First connect to your Raspberry Pi via Putty SSH.

2. Now you need to get your Raspberry Pi’s serial number. Execute the following command:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

3. The terminal will echo a few lines of information. Locate “Serial” line, and write it down the serial found on the right.

4. Visit the Raspberry Pi License Store and buy the MPEG2 and/or VC1 codec license key. You will need to provide your serial # as the codec license keys are specific to each Raspberry Pi.

5. With license key in hand you need to SSH back to your Raspberry Pi and locate or create the “config.txt” file.

NOTE: The XBian and Raspbmc Distro keep the “config.txt” file inside of the /boot directory. If you are using OpenElec and have not created the “config.txt” file, you’ll need to make one. Please refer to HTPCBuild.com’s XBian Overclocking Guide, Raspbmc Overclocking Guide, and OpenElec Overclocking Guide as they show you how to access/create the “config.txt” for XBian, Raspbmc, and OpenElec.

6. For a MPEG2 license add the parameter decode_MPG2 to your the “config.txt” file followed by your MPEG2 codec license key.

IE: decode_MPG2=0x12345678

7. For a VC1 license add the parameter decode_WVC1 to your the “config.txt” file followed by your VC1 codec license key.

IE: decode_WVC1=0x12345678

8. Save your “config.txt” file and reboot your Pi. You can reboot your Raspberry Pi by executing the “sudo reboot” or “reboot” command.

That is it! Once the distro loads up you should be able to play MPEG2 or VC1. Let’s be honest, those licenses are to expensive either!