Foxconn NTA350 Quick Setup Guide

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Foxconn NTA350-0H0W-B-A-NA Quick Setup Guide


This guide will help you quickly install the RAM and HD for a Foxconn Nettop.

1. First you’ll need to open the Nettop. You can start by removing the four screws on the top of the case.

2. Once the screws are off, you’ll need to pry the top open. I recommend using a credit card or gift card. These plastic cards are strong enough to help you pry, but not hard enough to dent your casing.

3. After you get the top off you should see something like this.

4. Next you can start to install the memory. First locate the memory bank next to the CPU cooler.

5. Next install the memory stick by sliding it in at an angle. Make sure that you have your memory’s alignment notch, lines up with the one in the memory bank.

6. Once the you have the memory stick in the memory bank, it should hold itself up at an angle. You’ll need to push to down to snap the metal clips on the sides of the memory bank onto the memory stick. You should hear a loud CLICK when the memory stick locks in.

7. Next you’ll need to install the hard drive. To do this locate the hard drive caddy.

8. Start by removing the four screws securing the caddy to the chassis.

9. Now you should have the hard drive caddy removed from the chassis. You are almost ready to install your hard drive.

10. Depending on your hard drive, you may run into an issue with the hard drive caddy. Near the top left hand corner there is a small tab that protrudes into the interior of the caddy. This may or may not interfere with your hard drive install.

11. If the tab does block your hard drive from sitting flush in the hard drive caddy, you’ll need to bend the tab. Using some pliers bend the tab out of the interior and up against the outside of the hard drive caddy.

12. Now you can go ahead an install you hard drive into the caddy. Don’t forget to note the orientation of the drives SATA and Power connectors in relation to the connectors on the motherboard.

NOTE: You may notice the 4th screw on the caddy is useless.

13. One you have the hard drive in the caddy, you can install the caddy back into the chassis. Be careful to note the wifi card and its brace, it does hinder the installation of the caddy with a hard drive. When you initially removed the caddy it was a straight unscrew and pick up. Now you have the hard drive connectors in the way. You’ll need to slide the caddy into the chassis at an angle while engaging the motherboard’s SATA and power connectors as well as making sure to clear the wifi card.

NOTE: Be sure to pay extra attention to the wifi card and its brace!!! Remember that you pulled the tab outward and pushed it up against the hard drive caddy.

14. Once you have the hard drive caddy into the chassis, screw the caddy to the chassis.

15. Now all that is left is to snap the cover back onto the chassis and tightened the screws.

NOTE: Make sure to note the orientation of the cover! There are three tabs in the rear of the chassis that must line up with the three tabs on the cover! If you do not do this, the cover will not clip in and you may break the tabs trying to force the cover on! (please refer to the video as it points this out more clearly)

All done! You’ve now successfully install the memory stick and hard drive into your Foxconn NTA350-0H0W-B-A-NA. Now learn how to flash the bios to get the most out of it! Please refer to’s Foxconn NTA350-0H0W-B-A-NA Bios Flash Guide.

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