Foxconn NTA350 Bios Flash Guide

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Foxconn NTA350 Bios Flash Guide

Before you can begin a bios flash, you’ll need to create a botoable USB drive. If you do not have a bootable USB drive, please refer to’s Bootable USB Drive Guide. Once you have a bootable USB drive, please continue with this guide.


1. First we need to grab the latest bios version for the Foxconn Nettop. Visit the Foxconn NTA35 product page and download the latest bios version.

2. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, go ahead an open it, open the folder containing the flashing program and Bios.

3. Now copy the contents of the folder to your bootable USB drive. If you copy the folder itself, the autoexec file will not be able to flash the bios.

NOTE: The autoexec file contains command that will immediately execute the bios flash. This should happen immediately after booting with your bootable USB drive. If the flash does not start not simply execute the following command: “afudos B11F1P08.ROM /p /b /n /x /r “. Afudos is the flash program, followed by the bios file. Depending on the version of the bios the file name may be different, simply adjust the command to reflect the bios file in the zip.

4. Without the bootable USB drive plugged in, boot up your Foxconn NTA350 and quickly spam the “del” key on your keyboard. You should enter the bios settings. If not reboot and try again. Once you enter the Bios screen we need to set the NTA350 to boot via the USB drive. Using your keyboard select the “Boot” menu, now locate the “Boot Priority” settings. Change the first settings to: “USB Hard Drive, USB Floppy Disk, USB CD/DVD, and USB Flash”. (refer to the video at the top of the page)

5. Once you’ve setup the NTA350 to boot from the USB drive, navigate to the “Save & Exit” menu. Select “Save Changes and Exit” and hit enter on your keyboard. The bios will ask you to confirm the changes. Select “Yes” and hit enter. The Nettop will continue to boot, if you have a fresh hard drive the Nettop it will ask you to “Reboot and Select proper Boot device”. Take this time to plug in your bootable USB drive. (refer to the video at the top of the page)

NOTE: If you already have a drive configured, your Nettop will simply boot into your OS. Go ahead and plug in your bootable USB drive and reboot the NTA350.

6. Once you’ve rebooted, your Nettop will attempt to boot from the bootable USB drive. The autoexec should automatically run and your new bios will begin flashing. (refer to the video at the top of the page)

NOTE: Do NOT interrupt the flashing process! Wait until everything is completely finishes and you see the command prompt.

That is it! You’ve flashed your Foxconn NTA350-0H0W-B-A-NA Nettop to the latest bios.

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