All In One HTPC Video Card

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All In One HTPC Video Card

Video card selection for an All In One HTPC is fairly simple. Essentially you want a video card that can play 1080p video. In extreme cases, you’ll want a video card that can support 3D playback and bit streaming. The later options are only to future proof your HTPC for instances where you either have a 3D HDTV or a high end audio system with amplifier.

Most video cards support 1080p DXVA decoding, 3D output, and bit streaming. So either a Nvidia card or AMD/ATI card will work. Admittedly, Nvidia has been a little behind the curve when supporting these features. Additionally Nvidia card tend to have issues when playing back media at exactly 23.97 FPS. An FPS above or below 23.97 will cause the video to jerk or stutter.

As a result of all of the above I would recommend an ATI/AMD video card. As of writing this article the most current ATI/AMD HTPC video card would be the HD 6450.

NOTE: The HD 6450 is almost the same as the HD 5450, minus a few image clarify/reproduction features.  If you can find a HD 5450 at a much lower price than a HD 6450 then this may be considered a viable alternative. However, HD 6450 prices are very very cheap. With mail in rebates, you can generally find a HD 6450 around $20-30 dollars.

PowerColor Go! Green Radeon HD 6450 AX6450 1GBK3-SH Video Card

GIGABYTE Radeon HD 6450 GV-R645SL-1GI Video Card

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6450 100321DDR5LP Video Card 

After picking your video card, we can move on to picking hard drives for you HTPC build.