All In One HTPC Fans

All In One HTPC Fans

Fans are another very important pick for your HTPC build. I generally try to stick to 120mm fans that produce very little sound. Thus far my favorite is:

Scythe SY1225SL12L 120mm “Slipstream” Case Fan

That is it. You’ve covered everything you need for your HTPC build.

I highly recommend the AMD APUs!! It really is the easiest route to building an All In One HTPC right now. It is cost effective and extremely energy efficient. You should probably be able to build your HTPC for about $400-500. Keep a eye out for deals!! You should be able to shave any where from $50-100 off.

Now that you’ve got at a complete HTPC build, head over to our HTPC Software section to learn about all the essential HTPC Software!

NOTE: You may have noticed that I never recommend a Blu Ray drive of any time of disc media drive. Check out the software section to learn how to configure your HTPC for downloads.