All In One HTPC Case

All In One HTPC Case

The is my favorite part about building a computer. We are all human and we all judge a book by its a cover. In this case, people will judge our PCs by the case. However, picking a case is not simply choosing the best looking exterior. There are many more things to factor lot to factor.

  • Size – Will it fit all you components? Does it have room for expansion?
  • Air flow – Does it have several mounting points for fans? What size fans will the case accept?
  • Motherboard compatibility – Motherboards come in different standardize formats. You’ll need to make sure your case supports the format your motherboard comes in.
  • Connectivity – Front USB ports? USB 2.0/3.0 ports?

NOTE: I really recommend looking for cases that support 120mm fans. 120mm when compare to 80mm that push the equal amount of air, the 120mm will spin slower and be quieter.

There are TONS and TONS of cases out there. Just make sure you stick to the basics outlined above. Here are a few I’ve picked:

NOTE: Don’t be a sucker for fancy LCD screens, look alike amplifier cases, remote, etc. Using the right software you’ll be able to control your HTPC with an app for your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android phone.

Almost there! We also need to pick a power supply for your HTPC build.