Standalone HTPC Build

The Standalone HTPC is perfect for working in conjunction with a media server! They are small compact HTPCs or Nettops, that are capable of playing back high bit rate 1080p movies! With the recent market availability of CPU/GPU packages such as the Intel Atom or better yet the AMD APUs, several manufacturers have begun producing small Standalone HTPCs. As a result, you can probably pick up a great standalone HTPC is a much slimmer package than you can build!


  • Small and very compact!
  • Relatively cheap.
  • New technology equates to much lower power consumption.
  • If you have a media server, you only require a small standalone htpc at each TV! Unless your TV has DLNA, then you don’t need a standalone.
  • Very sleek looking, and in most cases can actually behind your tv.


  • Additional build cost, if you don’t have spare components
  • Increases power consumption (HTPC + Media Server)
  • Increases the complexity of your network

If you decide on build a Standalone HTPC or already have a media server, head over to our’s Standalone HTPC Hardware Guide.