Media Server Build

Media Server Build

Personally, I strongly urge people to create a media server and HTPC. Don’t let the word “server” fool you. A media server build can be put together by using spare parts from previous components. Here is a quick Pros and Cons for a Media Server Build.


  • You can use an extra large case, thereby providing future expansion in storage
  • The media server can handling the downloading, extracting, repairing, thereby alleviating the HTPC and allowing it to focus on playing media
  • All media streaming can be handled by the server instead of the HTPC
  • Allows HTPCs to be smaller, quieter, and run cooler


  • Additional build cost, if you don’t have spare components
  • Increases power consumption (HTPC + Media Server)
  • Increases the complexity of your network

Media Server Build hardware doesn’t need to be cutting edge, in fact it can be less powerful than your HTPC. Your server does not need a video card, as you can remote desktop in. You don’t need a fast processor, unless your trying to win some type of file unzipping or file repair race. You don’t even need a boat load of ram, because you won’t have much running on it. The only job of a media server is to be able to store and stream back all of your media. Therefore the most important parts are the hard drives. If you choose to go with a Media Server Build, please check out’s Media Server Build Hardware Guide. Don’t forget to also check out the Standalone HTPC Hardware Guide, you’ll need something to playback the media from your server.