All In One HTPC Build

All In One HTPC Build

As the name suggest, the All In One HTPC build is a computer built to handling both downloading and play back of media. It may also handle streaming to other computers in your house. A quick Pros and Cons of an All In One HTPC build.

NOTE: This is the old way of build HTPCs. The newer route is to create a media server and use either a small Standalone HTPC or purchase a TV with DLNA support. In fact, several of the newer off the shelf players: Roku, WDTV, Apple TV, Boxee etc support or can be hacked to support Plex. Therefore creating a media server with DLNA support may prove to be more cost effective. Please refer to’s Standalone HTPC Build Guide, Plex Media Server Guide, and Media Server Build Guide.


  • Great for just one TV
  • You reduce cost by consolidating
  • Power savings
  • All in One
  • No need to worry about home network bandwidth during streaming


  • May need to invest into higher grade components, more work on one computer
  • Generally HTPCs are built in small cases, more components equals more heat
  • Limited hard drive expandability, small space = less hard drives
  • All in one handles the entire load of downloading, extracting, repairing, serving media, playing media etc; all of which equals more heat and the need for more processing power
  • Attempting to alleviate heat may result in louder fans

Generally HTPCs don’t require high end hardware. The most important thing to note is connectivity and video playback. Besides that, the rest of the components can be fairly run of the mill, just make sure your choosing quality parts. If you decide to go with an All In One HTPC build, check out’s All In One HTPC Build Hardware Guide.

If you already have an All In One HTPC build and your trying to decide how to configure the software. Please check out’s HTPC Software Guides. If you are using usenet, you may want to check out’s SABnzbd Guide, SickBeard Guide, CouchPotato Guide, and NzbDrone Guide. You may also want to check out’s XBMC Guide, Plex Media Server Guide, and Plex Media Center Guide.