HTPC Build Getting Started

htpc build

Undoubtedly you are here because you’re interested in building a home theater PC. Luckily building an HTPC is fairly simple, all it requires is some foresight and good planning. You essentially take a computer, make sure the hardware is capable, and install a lot of software. is here to help you select your HTPC hardware and install & configure your HTPC software. Our goal is to help you create the most complete HTPC build.

Like any hobby, there is a serious snowball affect that comes with HTPC builds. I started with a computer that barely had the capability to play a 1080P movie. Now I have a 20TB media server capable of serving videos to every TV in my home. Obviously you start small, and sooner or later get in too deep. In the process you’ll most likely amassed a large collection of processors, hard drives, ram, cases, power supplies, the list goes on and on…trust me. My advice plan, plan, and plan so hopefully you get it right the first time.

Before getting started with you build, you need to consider your goals. Traditionally, a HTPC is generally a computer that handles both the downloading and storage of your media; while connecting directly to your TV. However you have a few options:

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If you already have a HTPC build ready, please move on to our HTPC Software section. You’ll find guides to install and configure all essential software.