XBian 0.8.2 Released

XBian 0.8.2 Released (includes TURBO MODE!)

XBian has pushed out a new version of their 0.8 release. Here is a list of changes straight from their changelog:

  • Added a new XBMC build which will fix a lot of bugs and improves performance
  • Added PVR (also included the PVR addons)
  • Full airplay support (Thanks to the XBMC team!)
  • Changed force_turbo=1 to force_turbo=0 in /boot/config.txt as this could void warranty when overclocking via raspi-config
  • Reverted to the official raspberry pi kernel (it’s safe to rpi-update 128 now)
  • Upgraded libcec to version 2.0.0 (Nice work Pusle-Eight!)
  • Enabled webserver by default

For those of you running XBian 0.8.0 or 0.8.1, you can simply update XBian to the latest version via SSH. You’ll need to use Putty to get into the SSH, please refer to HTPCBuild.com’s Connecting via SSH Guide. Once you’ve reached the XBian Terminal execute the following commands:

wget http://jb.xenserver.sk/XBian/XBian0.8to0.8.2.sh
chmod +x XBian0.8to0.8.2.sh

NOTE: For users that are not 0.8.0 or higher, you will need to reimage your SD card with XBian 0.8.0 and above.

XBian 0.8.0 Downloads:

XBian 0.8.2 Downloads:

NOTE: There appears to be a clock issue with XBian 0.8.2.



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