Raspberry Pi Model B to get 512MB of Ram!!!

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced that all new RPi Model Bs will receive an upgrade to 512MB of onboard RAM. According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, all outstanding orders will receive the upgraded 512MB Model B. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, AWESOME!! Most importantly, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is saying it will be able to maintain the $35 price point for the Model B!

HTPCBuild.com can’t wait to get its hands on a new 512MB Model B! However, from a HTPC stand point, there may not be much advantage. As most of the XBMC distros: XBian, Raspbmc, and OpenElec, usually run light and leave 50-100MBs of free RAM.

For a full read: Raspberry Pi Foundation


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