Warpia SWP220 Easy Dock Pro

Warpia SWP220 Easy Dock Pro

Recently, I stumbled across a review from TechwareLabs on the new Warpia SWP220 Easy Dock Pro. The goal of the Warpia is to provide wireless playback from a laptop or desktop to your HDTV.

After reading the review, I nearly fell out of my chair. The Warpia SWP220 only provides 30feet line of sight range! This is simply unacceptable for a device listed @ $80-120 range. If the true goal of the unit is to provide cordless playback, it fails in my book. The review, Jason Jacobs, did put the unit through a few high definition tests however I highly doubt this unit will be capable of playing back high bit rate content. I’m simply too concerned about the wireless bandwidth and its requirement for line of sight.

The second issue that struck me, adding to my near fall, was the lack of audio and video connectivity! No HDMI, no optical out and only a 3.5mm audio jack?! I understand that the goal is trying to cut the cord from your TV to your laptop/desktop, but why a 3.5mm audio jack? Personally, I don’t own a TV that accepts this type of input. This is some serious oversight from Warpia, or is it a wireless bandwidth related issue?

I love the idea of a wireless access point for my TV, however this product seem out of place in the market. TVs now support wireless networks either via an internal wireless card or USB dongle. My experience with these DLNA Tv have been spectacular. Using software such as Plex these TVs can play almost any media content you throw at them. Some might argue that the Warpia SW220 Easy Dock Pro is not designed for this application. However a quick look at their product page suggests that their higher end solutions still lack true connectivity. Looking at any of their other products results in questions regarding true audio support; “48 kHz, 16 bit stereo via HDMI connector”.

Warpia probably won’t last long in the HTPC market segment. Their product is good and the idea is unique, but I feel they have incorrectly placed their product into the HTPC market. Those of us with true media content; 3D, high bit rate audio or video, require something much more capable. The last stab in the heart? The price, for the price you can simply customize a much more capable HTPC build and directly connect it to your TV.

If you would like to read the review, please head over to TechwareLabs.com

In conclusion, the Warpia is overprice and needs better hardware specifications. I would never consider the Warpia SWP220 Easy Dock Pro or any of Warpia’s product line to substitute a well build and customize HTPC in my home. Thank you to TechwareLabs.com and the author Jason Jacobs, it appears they came to the same conclusion as HTPCBuild.com. Go back to your R&D lab and try again Warpia, and don’t forget to do more HTPC market research. This is not a product we, cord cutters, would ever buy.

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