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  • XBian 1.0 Alpha 3 Released!

    XBian 1.0 Alpha 3 Released!

    HTPCBuild.com XBian 1.0 Alpha 3 Released! XBian development moves fast!!! Now they are launching the Alpha 3 version of XBian 1.0 If you are already running XBian 1.0 Alpha 2 you can simply update to Alpha 3 by running the following commands via terminal. If you need to access your Raspberry Pi XBian remotely, please […]

  • Phantek PH-TC90LS Review

    Phantek PH-TC90LS Review

    HTPCBuild.com We just finished writing up a review of the Phantek PH-TC90LS. HTPCBuild.com has a slightly different review approach. We know that most people are accustomed to benchmarks, temperature data, etc. We feel that this information is readily available, and realistically any cooler can provide sufficient cooling for a HTPC build, whether it be a […]

  • XBian 0.8.3 Released

    XBian 0.8.3 Released

    HTPCBuild.com XBian 0.8.3 Released XBian developers have released an update for XBian 0.8, 0.8.3. Here are the updates directly from their changelog: You can now view the CPU temp of your pi (System -> System information -> Hardware) (Thanks to CurlyMo!) Fixed an issue with time/clock people were having on XBian 0.8.2 Added a new […]

  • XBian 0.8.2 Released

    XBian 0.8.2 Released

    HTPCBuild.com XBian 0.8.2 Released (includes TURBO MODE!) XBian has pushed out a new version of their 0.8 release. Here is a list of changes straight from their changelog: Added a new XBMC build which will fix a lot of bugs and improves performance Added PVR (also included the PVR addons) Full airplay support (Thanks to […]

  • Raspberry Pi Model B to get 512MB of Ram!!!

    Raspberry Pi Model B to get 512MB of Ram!!!

    HTPCBuild.com The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced that all new RPi Model Bs will receive an upgrade to 512MB of onboard RAM. According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, all outstanding orders will receive the upgraded 512MB Model B. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, AWESOME!! Most importantly, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is […]

HTPC Build

Welcome to htpc build!!

This site is dedicated to building, customizing, and configuring your own Home Theater PCs or HTPC build.

What is a home theater PC? A Home Theater PC (HTPC)  is a convergence device that combines some or all the capabilities of a personal computer with software applications that supports video, photo, music playback, and video recording functionality.

Some popular examples of a HTPC are AppleTv, Boxee, Roku, or WDTV. However all of these are limited in their capabilities. A true HTPC will be able to download and track your favorite tv shows, movie release, latest music, keep everything organize, and wrap all of your media into one slick easy to user interface. HTPCBuild.com is here to help you accomplish this goal!

If you plan on building a HTPC from scratch, please refer to our Getting Started section. If you have a fairly capable computer, skip our Getting Started section and start with our Getting Usenet Guide. Once your signed up with a usenet provider check and a search provider I suggest moving on to our HTPC Software section and reading about the Sabnzbd newsreader. This should have you downloading and watching your favorite media in no time.

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